It and software enginering services

Systems Administration

  • Windows Client and Server

  • Multiple Linux Distributions

  • Cloud Administration (GCloud, Azure, and AWS)


  • Business and Personal Website Construction

  • Website Maintenance

  • Full Stack Development

  • Application Development

  • Scripting and Automation


  • Remote network access set-up

  • VPN

  • Remote Desktop

  • LAN and WAN Setup

  • Cisco Devices

Agile SDLC and Development Operations (DevOps) and Release Management

  • CI/CI Pipeline design and management

  • Containerization

  • Agile Release Process Engineering

  • Application Support

  • Development Support

  • Production Environment Support

Personal Desktop, Laptop, and Workstation Repair and Customization

  • Replacement of Desktop and Laptop Components

  • Virus Removal

  • Data Encryption

  • Data Recovery

  • Custom Desktop System Assembly

English and Technical Writing Consultation

  • English Language Tutoring

  • English Writing Auditing and Editing

  • English Language Writing Consultation